2012-The Year of Yin and Yang

” Don’t let the bastards get you down, Lisë!” I can still hear my father’s words earlier this year.  He’s right, of course, as he is so very often.Those words fell upon my newly-numb ears. I, along with dozens of my colleagues, had just been told that we were out of work. Jobs that most […]

Remembering Mike………

He woke up and asked for ravioli. Just opened his eyes, sat up, and asked the nurse at Stanford Hospital to bring him ravioli. He loved Italian food. This, after a surgery two days prior that did not go at all as planned by the doctors. It took seven hours instead of three, was not […]

Family, Friends and all things important….

I bought a bunch of flowers today. They weren’t anything special or exotic. Just a simple bunch of pink tulips. Grocery store flowers. Pretty, but not captivating. Not a ‘must-have’ item. They weren’t on the grocery list. They certainly were not in the budget. It felt a little bit frivolous and unnecessary and like a […]