When Silly Saves your Soul…

Ever been so embarrassed by your child’s behavior that you are, literally, speechless? Today was my turn. Granted, my ‘kid’ has four paws. I figured I was exempt from this level of, let’s call it, bemused horror. Not. Even. Close.  In less than 60 seconds, I was alternately horrified and deeply amused by Harvey the […]

The Music of Her Life…..

This has been the hardest week of my life. As I work furiously to assemble WWII era songs onto an ipod for my mother, I wonder if I will even make it there on time. ‘There’ being the hospital where she has existed since September 2010. I wonder if she will even be able to […]

A day late and a blanket short…

Three nights a week, as I walk from work to my parking space, I see a person. A very small, obviously homeless person. I had never seen the face or even been sure of the gender of the person until last week. Now I know it’s a woman. She wears a hoodie, tied tightly around […]

Deep roots…I am a Chicago girl…( and a little bit OC )

It’s not springtime but I am cleaning. Clothes, cards, papers, etc., all to try to streamline and de-clutter my life for all kinds of reasons. Sound familiar? During the process, I unearthed a journal I had kept from a 2 1/2 week, life-changing trip to Australia and New Zealand in May of 2006. It was […]


It’s the little things. Truly, it is! Every day is not Christmas Day or my birthday or the anniversary of something fabulous that happened in my or a loved ones life. Lately, it’s about cherishing micro moments in time. The ones that burst with sweetness. Or, those that are quick or cute or funny or […]


It’s a new level. Or maybe a new refuge, simply renamed. I am the eye of the tornado. More than merely ‘inside’ of the eye of the tornado. What I mean is that I AM the eye. Here inside of mine, it is rather serene with no sound louder than the quiet hum of a […]

The World is Not Our Garbage Can….

This didn’t start yesterday. The awareness, the annoyance and yes, sometimes the outright disgust while watching somebody litter for no good, or obvious reason. It was fostered by my parents, both of them. For this lesson, I am so very grateful. Certainly, I don’t recall ever seeing either of them drop something on the ground […]

Remembering Mike………

He woke up and asked for ravioli. Just opened his eyes, sat up, and asked the nurse at Stanford Hospital to bring him ravioli. He loved Italian food. This, after a surgery two days prior that did not go at all as planned by the doctors. It took seven hours instead of three, was not […]

When your Mother is your Child…

Intrinsically, I must have always known. Always known that I was my mother’s keeper. Certainly, always her emotional keeper, and not because I wanted to be. As a young child, adolescent and adult, I out of all four of her children would have to be the one to handle, deflect and absorb her immature outbursts […]

Family, Friends and all things important….

I bought a bunch of flowers today. They weren’t anything special or exotic. Just a simple bunch of pink tulips. Grocery store flowers. Pretty, but not captivating. Not a ‘must-have’ item. They weren’t on the grocery list. They certainly were not in the budget. It felt a little bit frivolous and unnecessary and like a […]