The Music of Her Life…..

This has been the hardest week of my life. As I work furiously to assemble WWII era songs onto an ipod for my mother, I wonder if I will even make it there on time. ‘There’ being the hospital where she has existed since September 2010. I wonder if she will even be able to […]


It’s the little things. Truly, it is! Every day is not Christmas Day or my birthday or the anniversary of something fabulous that happened in my or a loved ones life. Lately, it’s about cherishing micro moments in time. The ones that burst with sweetness. Or, those that are quick or cute or funny or […]

When your Mother is your Child…

Intrinsically, I must have always known. Always known that I was my mother’s keeper. Certainly, always her emotional keeper, and not because I wanted to be. As a young child, adolescent and adult, I out of all four of her children would have to be the one to handle, deflect and absorb her immature outbursts […]

Family, Friends and all things important….

I bought a bunch of flowers today. They weren’t anything special or exotic. Just a simple bunch of pink tulips. Grocery store flowers. Pretty, but not captivating. Not a ‘must-have’ item. They weren’t on the grocery list. They certainly were not in the budget. It felt a little bit frivolous and unnecessary and like a […]