It’s official!!  The Book Stall on Chestnut in Winnetka finally announced this Saturday’s reading and signing for “Harvey the Hungry Dog”. Round up  every wide-eyed or even sleepy-eyed child and bring ’em on over cause the fun starts at 11 a.m.  Here’s how the schedule is supposed to work:

1. Reading of ” The Adventures of Harvey the Wonder Dog: Harvey the Hungry Dog” at 11 a.m. 
2. Read it again, cause that’s what the kids have often demanded!! 
3. Answer their questions and sign books and have fun the rest of the day! Pretty terrific, huh? 
One of Harvey’s very special friends will be outside of The Book Stall with Harvey the Wonder Dog himself in tow. Harvey has asked that you lavish as many belly scratches, pets, hugs and cookies on him that he can stand. From personal experience as his mommy, it can be quite excessive and completely rewarding!
So, two more evenings of news fill-in on WLS-AM, THE BIG 89 for me this week and then The Book Stall on Saturday morning to meet you!  
The Book Stall, 811 Elm St. Winnetka, Il. 60093. 847-446-8880.   See you then!!
Paws up, Lise and Harvey the Wonder Dog
811 Elm St.
Winnetka IL 60093
Ph: 847-446-8880811 Elm St.

Winnetka IL 60093
Ph: 847-446-8880811 Elm St.
Winnetka IL 60093
Ph: 847-446-8880

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  1. Debbie's L'Bri
    Debbie's L'Bri March 19, 2010 at 4:19 pm | | Reply

    What age groups are your books written for. Do you have a list of books that you have written that you can link me too?
    Best wishes for you book signing.

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