G.I.G.O., What’s that about?

I like candy. Probably too much. Sometimes it’s just so good and oh boy, does it hit the spot.  But sometimes, it makes me sick.  Eventually, my tummy settles down and the feeling passes. I eat all of the right things for a good, long time and I feel better. Except for a childhood Lake County Fair cotton candy and cream puff binge,  there’s no trauma from any of the other ill-fated food fiestas or how cruddy they made me feel. It’s garbage in, without the lingering after-effects.

If only that were the case with reality shows, creepy movies, and cruel videos. There’s no way to permanently purge memories of moments spent watching Real Housewives blather, slasher movie villains destroy, Honey Boo-Boo et al, do…whatever (!), or see yet another video where somebody, some ‘thing’ or some group is defiled. No figurative ‘finger down the throat’ to get the trash erased from my memory files. The garbage has been deposited. It’s got to go somewhere. So, where does it come out? 

While I can only speak for myself, I sometimes hear myself say things that are easy, that don’t make me stretch my mind.  Or, I get lazy. make excuses for things I’ve done, or not done. It’s tough to get perspective on yourself.  On a personal note, from afar,  it sure seems like the mind crap has affected kids and adults in a variety of ways. I’ll leave that analysis for the sociologists. 

 G.I.G.O., garbage in, garbage out. A steady diet of any kind of crap for your body and your brain will destroy you physically and cripple you mentally. On the other hand…..a little candy for your body, and a little candy for your mind isn’t going to rot either one. But keep in mind that you can work off the sweet that goes from the lips to the hips. It’s not quite so easy to work off, work out or erase the junk food you feed your brain. 

Moderation…still the key. 

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