911 on all the 411!

Ever feel like your head will explode if you’re exposed to one…more…piece…of data? Lately, the chaos inside my melon feels like the last 35 seconds of The Beatles tune, “A Day in the Life”. You know, the part with the searing violin crescendo just before the famous final piano chord. 

Every single day it’s all about send this, answer that, call him, and email her. Oh, and remember to return those text messages, update all social media, check out a YouTube chuckle, and compose original cover letters for every single job application. The cursor blinks, the text chirps, the email pings, and the phone rings. It’s everywhere you go. Nearly impossible to escape. And that, my fellow 21st Century adventurer, is information overload. It’s exhausting.

The late actor Larry Hagman was known for his ‘silent Sundays’. He just didn’t speak. He turned down the noise. It seems a bit self-indulgent and not very much fun. But, I tried it a couple of times and it felt well, semi-marvelous! No phone, media, or email for a day. A total disconnect. That, along with hugs for my dogs, a run in the fresh air on a clear day, homemade cookies, a long, hot lavender-infused bath and a glass of fine red wine did the trick. It felt so good to just breathe.

That’s my prescription for data overload and stress management. What’s yours? Keep it clean….!

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