The Art and Business of Weeding

The Art and Business of Weeding

Gardening, for me, is a zen experience. All else fades away.  The mind clears and the slate is clean; no brain chatter at all.  A crystalline moment or two have been known to occur.  Pulling weeds can be especially therapeutic.  Several years ago, I resolved to get  rid of  all the weeds in my garden. […]

How much is that doggie in the window?

How much is that doggie in the window?

A friend of mine bought a puppy from a pet store a few years ago. It was an impulse buy.  The little guy was adorable in all of the conventional ways that puppies win our hearts; perky ears, waggly tail, and the irresistible, ” Please take me home” look.  The price was a tad high […]

911 on all the 411!

Ever feel like your head will explode if you’re exposed to one…more…piece…of data? Lately, the chaos inside my melon feels like the last 35 seconds of The Beatles tune, “A Day in the Life”. You know, the part with the searing violin crescendo just before the famous final piano chord.  Every single day it’s all […]

2012-The Year of Yin and Yang

” Don’t let the bastards get you down, Lisë!” I can still hear my father’s words earlier this year.  He’s right, of course, as he is so very often.Those words fell upon my newly-numb ears. I, along with dozens of my colleagues, had just been told that we were out of work. Jobs that most […]

A Double Deeeeeelight!

Who says ‘pay it forward’ is dead? Nobody I know. And it certainly hasn’t been my experience. It is most certainly ALIVE!! (cue Frankenstein music). There are the random acts of kindness, the ‘blind’ pay it forwards if you will. It just happened for me again. On my way to a job interview in downtown […]

G.I.G.O., What’s that about?

I like candy. Probably too much. Sometimes it’s just so good and oh boy, does it hit the spot.  But sometimes, it makes me sick.  Eventually, my tummy settles down and the feeling passes. I eat all of the right things for a good, long time and I feel better. Except for a childhood Lake […]